söndag 23 november 2014

SANTA CLAUS is coming to town ...........

The first time I saw this it talked to me ..... I´m very found of making stichery, mixed with a little of quiltwork.

måndag 3 november 2014

World Blog Hop

I was invited by Vera Holmblad to participate in this World Blog Hop.She has a story worth to read and above all take a look at the fantastic job she has done with things from her great grandmother.Take a look into her world http://veriquilt.blogspot.com I´ve passed the questions to three quilters and I´ll let you know if they are able to participate.

What am I doing right now?

As we are approaching December some of my works are connected to Christmas.Started with this stichery last year,but too late,so now I´m back and hopefully I´ll finish it.We may see......
These works,which aren´t ready yet, are for our grandchildren,the boys Lucas & Loke.The girls,Emelie & Alva got angels.
The tumbling blocks hasn´t got a final date.I often interrupt with new or old projects.I do what I feel for the moment.

Why do I create what I do?

I know that a lot of my creativity I´ve to THANK my grandmother for.She taught me how to knit,crochet(I´ve been told that I was 6, when I made my first mittens.Remember them as yellow)and she taught me how to weave.Later in my life I also bought a loom and we have spent many hours together.Not to forget she ´pushed me´ to start to sew clothes and believe,this has been a GREAT PART of my life.She´s always around me in one way or another. Lots of THANKS to you for taking your time to visit me in my sewing room. Hope you´ll soon be back.
Mårbacka Pelargonium the 3rd of November.